Managers use Resources - Leaders use Talents

Nothing is wrong saying that people cannot successfully be both the same time
whereas top managers today of course have the ability to detect the talents of their employees.
Unfortunately managers usually don't take the time to analyse the (sometimes hidden) talents
to use them for business benefits.
Leaders normally hit the hearts of the people to start the self motivation process by transferring the message (vision)
where managers define positions and priorities in most cases.
Some managers think they are of course also good leaders because they define targets as visions.
Managers and leaders are well advised to understand the difference between their roles and never try to be both the same time.
Both will fail  in very short periods. You may attend as many trainings you can - either you have it or you don't.
Leaders are important in todays bunsiness as they have the ability to listen, understand, connect, convince, influence, manipulate
the people.
Managers have the strategy, resources, overview and tools to support the leaders.
Both should work hand in hand as one needs the other urgently.
And both should avoid trying to think they can be both in one and can succeed without the other.

Some managers I met in the past participated trainings and studies how to combine management skills and leadship skills
by analysing the differenciators and trying to implement them into their daily business and responsibilities.
But I never met one, who analysed the talents of the people frequently to see what's evolving and how to use it
for the benefit of the whole picture.
Specially if the economical situation may show a sign of downturn, talents do not sell anymore.
But exactly this is what made the economy constantly grow in the second half of last century and what our parents succeeded with.
The peaks of fluctuation have never been so significant in shorter periods as they are in the 21st century.
The lack of leaders is being compensated with more managers. Increasing profit is the target of every manager
and set fix as the vision for the few remaining leaders.
But is this the definition of leadship ?
I think leadership means to have a vision to reflect to other people by enhancing their drive to motivate themselves to accept this vision
and make it to their own vision.

Successful leaders never take a resource, give it a title and send it a fixed job to do.
They typically use the ressources to continuously listen and understand and to improve the strategy of the management.
Those leaders encourage the peoople coming to them to belong to the vision instead of permanently remember others what the vision was.
Also successful leaders don't change the vision according to the circumstances. They change the managers field of view
for them to react properly adjusting the strategy, without reducing the amount of people following the vision.

Clever Managers exactly know that removing the leader's followers automatically lower their chances to meet their targets.
Also not having a separate leader talent a manager with leader skills is well advised to keep the knowhow and talents
and make them able to motivate themselves.
Treating talents as anytime replaceable resources will quickly demotivate and encourage them to leave the vision and target out of sight.
Managers also should not ignore the important fact that the tools they provided last year may not be as effective for todays requirements.
So therefore it is worth to realise how important talent are who are able to "invent" or "improve" the tools they have if not given
by their leaders or managers.
Personally I don't know the vision from Mrs. Evolution, but her talents have been pretty successful meanwhile ;-)

Another aspect to consider - so I find - is the power of proudness.
Every human needs and wants to be proud of what he/she achieved or being part of.
Proudness is one of the main drivers and motivators to continue following a leader, team, project, idea or plan
independent if business of private.
You can participate as many trainings as you like to enhance your way to leadership - if your followers are not proud and motivated
of what you call vision or target, you soon will realise that you started running a while ago towards your goal and your followers are far behind
or didn't even run in the same direction.
To combine proudness and success needs achievable milestones and respect to the given economical circumstances.
A clever leader does not only listen to the feedbacks. They modify the path and tools leading to the goal in a way that the followers are never helpless
with a situation they cannot influence.
Followers need leaders being present and helpful to them. They need to keep up proudness and motivation going along or leading to interim success-steps.
Permanent brainwashing and parroting is counterproductive the same way as "helping" by excessive waste of talents.
Don't think that you are a good leader only because you push hard in good times and even harder in bad times. Your competitors are not stupid and they
also know how to protect their visions and targets. The reputational suicide for leaders and managers is ignorance and arrogance versus the followers and customers.

Weak leaders as well as inflexible managers fire their talents - strong leaders fire their inappropriate milestones and targets.
In todays life we all blame the bankers and so called fiscal experts having destroyed the trust and motivation of their clients,
but in the rest of the economical world leaders and managers didn't learn from the mistakes of others. They follow the same track with full knowledge that they will
only create short term wins but long term fails - only by inflexibility of modifying milestones and listening to their pathfinders.
What differenciates us from the alpha male driven predators is the fact that our family members don't sit and watch the alpha male to (hopefully) win the fight.
A clever leader uses the different roles and talents of the family members to influence the fight to succeed. Unneccessary to say that firing family members
may push them to the opponents side...

So dear Leaders and Managers:
Whatever You learned about leadership... Please don't forget your talents and how to keep them following your vision.
You'll need them to reach it and to meet the manager's and customer targets.
And don't forget to keep enough flexibility to frequently overthink and modify your milestones - the world and economy is changing every day
requiring daily common sense and modifications of tools and targets. Create proud and motivated followers, not an army of slaves.
We wouldn't see pyramids today if the ancient leaders would have fired the workers at the slightest sign of decreasing harvest.
Finally: maybe some of your employees are talented to bring additional food instead of carrying stones only...